Welcome to the website of Robert H. N. Ho.

Born in 1932 in Hong Kong, Mr Ho is the son of General Ho Shai Lai and Hesta Hung, and grandson of businessman Robert Ho Tung. In this online journey, you will find some of the people and causes, reminiscences and reflections that have formed a core part of his life.

Now in his eighties, Mr Ho has lived in affluence and poverty, experienced war and peace, and always sought to speak truth to power, both in his work as a journalist and as a man. He has left behind and returned to the faith of Buddhism. As a philanthropist, he has listened and learned, determined not just to write cheques but to proactively engage in supporting education and culture, heritage and healthcare, and greater integration of Buddhism in today’s world, through the establishment of a family foundation and individual giving. In recognition of his transformational philanthropy in support of Canadian health care institution and universities, he was appointed to the Order of Canada as Member (C.M.) in 2018.

Always in mind in all these endeavours and encounters down the decades are the following words of his grandfather: “Before you can receive, you must learn how to give.”

January 2019